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What is a registered nurse?
How long does it take?
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Is nursing for guys?
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Is nursing school expensive?
How do I pay for school?
What classes will I have to take?


How do I pay for school?

There are many financial aid programs available to students. Financial aid can help pay the costs of your education including tuition and fees, housing, meals, transportation, books and supplies.

Take a look at the resources listed on our site:

BUT don’t stop looking here. You should ALSO check with:

  • Local civic groups (Kiwanis, Rotary)
  • Local hospitals and hospital auxillaries (the volunteers)
  • Churches, houses of worship and religious denominations
  • Professional associations
  • Ethnic and Cultural Groups often provide scholarships to outstanding students sharing their respective ethnic or cultural backgrounds
  • Credit Unions
  • Many companies offer scholarships to the children of employees
  • Surf the web