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Classes to Take

Find out which classes you should take in high school to prepare for college. You should plan your high school schedule so that you take the following classes:



History or
6 to 8 credits
(3 or 4 years)
8 credits
(4 years)
6 credits
(3 years)
6 credits
(3 years)
Algebra I Composition Biology Geography
Geometry English Literature Earth Science U.S. History
Algebra II American Literature Chemistry World History
    World Literature Physics World Cultures
    Writing/ Composition     Civics
Visual &
performing arts

(2 - 3 years)
(1 year)
(1 year)
Spanish Art Computers    

You want to take algebra and geometry as soon as possible. Algebra and geometry are the foundation for many advanced math and science courses (such as chemistry and physics) that some colleges want high school students to take.

This list of courses provides only a general guideline. School graduation and college entrance requirements vary. Students and parents should consult their school guidance office and college admissions offices.

Study, work hard, and do your best to earn good grades. How well you do in high school can play an important part in gaining you admission to college.