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About Ms. Rodriguez
Entry: February 1, 2005
Entry: November 17, 2004
Entry: October 15, 2004


Nursing Student Online Journal

G. Rodriguez is a second year nursing student at Gavilan Community College nursing school. Her program is three years long. She completed the math and science pre-requisites before starting the program. During her first year she spent time on clinical rotations on the medical-surgical floor in three different hospitals in the south bay area. This year, she is focusing on the mother-baby unit for half of the semester, and then she’ll complete the semester back in the medical-surgical unit.

Even though she is busy with volunteer work and her nursing education, she agreed to share some of her experiences. We’ll post new journal entries twice a month during this school year.

Ms. Rodriguez can’t wait to be a nurse and hopes her journal will provide encouragement for anyone considering a career in nursing.

Journal Entry: June 4, 2005

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of excitment. My last few days on Med-Surg were awesome! Knowing that my days as a "student" nurse were numbered, made me take in everything as much as I possibly could. Our last clinical instructor, Gina, wanted us to focus on organizing ourselves in a way that was practical and efficient. As students we are only assigned 1 to 2 patients, but once we are out in the real world we will be faced with 4 to 5 patients. The biggest challenge for us will be to organize ourselves in a manner that we know each of our patients, know what procedures need to be done (dressing changes, Trach-care...etc.), schedule medications, blood glucose monitoring, and so much more. This aspect of nursing is vital for our survival, and I'm glad Gina brought it to our attentioin. Our last day of clinical we brought the nurses some cookies to thank them for all their help and support. Without them we could not have made it this far.

I am surprised that these two years are over and now I will be a nurse, but I feel ready for it. When graduation day came I was in disbelief all day. Our class decided to do a "pinning" ceremony, where we have a "significant other" pin us with nurse pins. We all read an oath to maintain professional dignity and care for our patients as we would our own family, and then our family or friend would confirm it, then proceed to pin us. It was all very special including the actual graduation ceremony. We put so much work, so many hours, and so much of ourselves into this goal and looking back, I am overwhelmed with honor to be a part of it all and pride for accomplishing something so great.

Now I can focus on getting a job and working all summer, until next year.