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What kind of financial aid is available?
When do I start planning?
Isn't this a lot of work?
Tools to Estimate College Costs
Federal Government Financial Aid Applications and Related Information
California Financial Aid Applications, Scholarships, and Related Information
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Tax Credits
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Tax Credits

Hope Scholarship Tax Credit

Explains eligibility requirements to claim a non-refundable Hope Scholarship Credit on federal income taxes.

Lifetime Learning Tax Credit

  • IRS information about this tax credit
  • Explains eligibility requirements to claim a non-refundable Lifetime Learning Credit against federal income taxes

Tax Benefits for Higher Education
http://studentaid.ed.gov/PORTALSWebApp/students /english/funding.jsp?tab=funding

This site offers information on numerous tax breaks if:

  • You are planning to go to college
  • You are already in school
  • You have graduated and you're paying back student loans