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Escogiendo una escuela
Compare, compare, compare
Learn the lingo
Set your goal
Visit the campus
Size, diversity & activities
Academic assistance programs
Plans for paying
Decide where
List of Schools


See the campus for yourself.

Be careful about choosing a school because your friends are going there.

Don’t base your decision on the information provided in brochures or the web sites.

Consider visiting the campus. Contact the admissions office. They can help you set up an appointment to visit the school. They can also tell you about open house dates.

A visit to the campus will allow you to check out:

  • The size of the campus
  • The environment
  • The surrounding community

During the visit you can:

  • Ask students and faculty about campus-life and what they like about the college
  • Ask students about their educational experience
  • Eat in the cafeteria
  • Check out the dorms, library, career center, labs, etc.
  • Investigate what a typical day is like

The school you select should be one where you feel comfortable.