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Being a nurse is what makes me happy.


“There’s nothing better than doing what you love most.”

Nursing is a profession that calls for passion! Enthusiasm and passion are exactly what Brent Peterson brings to nursing. At 26 Brent has experienced many career changes. He began in computer sales and is currently a member of the Moreno Valley Emergency Response Force (ERF). The ERF experience inspired him to pursue an Emergency Medical Tech position. He wanted to become an ambulance driver but because of a new diagnosis of diabetes mellitus that goal was derailed.

Realizing that he wanted to go into the healthcare field, he considered medical school. But knowing that he wanted a family and free time for himself, he decided that nursing was the best option. Nursing would merge flexibility and provide a thousand career opportunities

Brent currently attends Riverside Community College, and will graduate in May 2003 with an Associate Degree in Nursing. His next educational goal is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and will then pursue a Masters of Science Degree in Nursing; specialty area of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). When it comes to pumping up the profession of nursing, Brent is a great salesman. Brent finds himself presenting 2-3 times a week and Nursing brochures and flyers are always provided to reinforce the information.

Brent’s passion for his job is what drives him to keep going and talk positively about the nursing profession. “I really love what I do. Being a nurse is what makes me happy. There’s nothing better than doing what you love most.”