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I recommend nursing to all my friends because not only do you get paid a lot – you get to help people everyday!.


“You can do something different everyday!”

Linda was 8 years old when she first thought that nursing might be the right career for her. She thought a long time about what would make her happy and what she wanted out of a career. Over the years, she would discuss her options with her parents. “My parents like the idea that I want to be a nurse and were very supportive of my choice.”

Linda, now 15 years old, is enrolled in the Nursing Academy offered at Andrew Hill High School in San Jose, CA. With her experience at the Nursing Academy, she has learned that there are many choices in nursing. “What most attracts me about nursing is that you get to do something different everyday,” explains Linda. “The fact that there are so many different careers in nursing was what made nursing so appealing to me. I can work in a specific specialty for as long as I want and then if I feel I need a change or want to learn something new, I can learn another specialty. There is always something new to learn.”

Linda is happy with her decision to become a nurse. “Nursing has everything I am looking for in a career. I will get to meet people, work anywhere in the world I want and most of all I will be helping people.”