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Jonathan hopes more men will join the ranks and become nurses.


"You can’t beat [nursing]. The sky is the limit..."

There aren’t many males in the field of nursing, but Jonathan Cuenca would like to see that changed. Cuenca is enrolled in a two-year nursing program at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose will begin classes in the fall.

“My friends constantly tease me [about it] because they figure it’s a woman’s vocation,” he says. However, he doesn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dream.

Cuenca was fortunate to have two mentors who helped him--Elsa Sonder and Judith Bamber. Both advised him to stay in school and not give up. In addition, they emphasized job stability, competitive salary and the opportunities available as a Registered Nurse.

Cuenca currently works at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose as an OB Technician. He is in a 20/20 program that allows employees to work 20 hours and get paid for 40. He was selected to get one of three slots available. He’s waited four years for this opportunity and says, “You can’t beat this. The sky is the limit and after scrubbing for 2 ½ years, I figured I might as well get started.”

His long range plans include working in ICU and ultimately applying to a masters program in the nurse anesthetist program at Samuel Merritt. For now, however, he is anxious to get through the program and practice nursing.

Cuenca says he is very fortunate to work with male role models who have a positive influence on him. He’s hoping more men will join the ranks and become nurses.

“I like the flexible hours, the benefits, the pay, and besides, nursing is fun,” declares Cuenca.