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Donya Walker, RN

"I totally made the right choice — no one will ever get bored being a nurse — there are so many choices."


I'm the type of person who wants everything, a career, husband, children, hobbies and my collections

Ever since Donya was 9 years old, she knew she wanted to become a nurse. "I love people. It's all about interacting with people and making a difference." Even as a high school candy striper, Donya realized the effect of making a difference in people's lives. "People just appreciated it so much when I brought them a newspaper or fresh pitcher of water. They would give me a little smile and a little sigh of relief, it was so inspiring."

So Donya went straight to Nursing School right out of high school. But life soon took her in another direction. Donya and her husband spent the next 15 years building and nurturing a family. During this time, she maintained her passion for becoming a registered nurse. She held various positions within allied health care. Each position gaining more responsibility and career advancement. But she just wasn't satisfied and her career of choice seemed to elude her. "I was working all around nursing, but what I really wanted to be was a Registered Nurse. I knew I wasn't going to be happy unless I pursued my dream," explains Donya. So one day she just walked back into her nursing school and asked a counselor, "What would it take to re-apply to nursing school? A few days later, I took the final exam for the first semester and I passed!" She was thrilled to find out that since she had all the prerequisites, she would be placed in the second semester. "I was so amazed and relieved to find out that all my previous coursework was accepted. I never once thought I couldn't do it."

As a new grad Donya worked as a Psychiatric nurse to gain clinical experience. Almost seven years later, Donya splits her work schedule between assistant nurse manager, bed side care and being her unit's Nurse Educator. As a nurse educator, she mentors and provides clinical instruction for the new graduates on her floor. "That's what I love about my job, there are so many opportunities with nursing. I love that there are so many choices, even in the same specialty. Really, there's no limit."