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"Continued education is a must for any field, but for nurses, it should be a priority."

There was no doubt in Holly Price’s mind as to what she would do when she grew up. Her inspiration comes from her family. “My grandmother, aunts and several cousins are nurses and they love it,” says Price. “My daughter was delivered by a midwife.”


Holly as a Student Nurse Ambassador to a kindergarten class at Louis Bohn Elementary School

Price is in her second year at Modesto Junior College where she will receive her Associate Degree in Nursing in December 2004. However, she doesn’t plan on stopping there. Her goal is to attend Cal State, Stanislaus to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then on to San Francisco State to pursue her Masters of Science in Nursing. Holly says she recently spoke with a Kaiser Permanente nurse who told her that a degree in nursing means you are theoretically qualified to learn how to become an excellent nurse and that advanced education will not only further general knowledge, but it reinforces concepts. As nurses constantly teach, they must constantly learn. Every day is an opportunity to obtain knowledge, for life, as well as at work. “Continued education is a must for any field, but for nurses, it should be a priority,” says Holly.

Holly has been working as a nurse extern for the past two years at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto and enjoys working in the Emergency Room. “My love for nursing is helping people in little ways: making someone comfortable, taking care of their pain, and getting rid of their fear,” says Price. “I held one patient’s hand and sat and talked with her. That’s what it’s all about.”

Price admits that her mentor, instructor Cynthia Schmidt, has played an important role in the type of nurse she has become. “Cynthia advocates that making a difference in a patient’s life is very important as well as being thorough in everything you do,” says Price.

Holly is no stranger to community outreach. She is a Girl Scout troop leader; she teaches aerobics; she does volunteer work to promote health and healthy living; she speaks to high school youth about hope and choosing a future. As a Student Nurse Ambassador, her most recent outreach effort includes talking to a kindergarten class about the importance of basic hygiene, i.e. washing their hands. Holly showed them a teddy bear checkup by demonstrating how to listen to a heart, put Band-Aids on a teddy bear, took blood pressure, and taught them about germs and how easily they are transmitted from hand to hand by using glitter. Each child got to shake hands and could see how far the “germs” went to explain the importance of hand washing.

Doctors Medical Center hires a lot of new graduates and Holly has been offered a job upon her graduation.

Holly lives in Modesto with her husband and two children.