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“Nursing is so rewarding because of the relationships I develop with the patients.”

During Lucy Rivello’s senior year in high school a dear friend was hospitalized with cancer. She was impressed with the care provided by the nurses, but it was the intangible characteristics, such as, dignity, compassion, and respect in the delivery of that care that impressed her most.

Facing the anticipated death of her friend Lucy grieved and became depressed. Once again, the nurses were there in a big way. Their support, comfort, and philosophy regarding death with dignity was life changing.

Her mother, an Asthma Care Manager, at Kaiser Permanente in Pleasanton, Livermore, and Walnut Creek, suggested she take a nursing aid class as a means to see first hand if helping others would appeal to her; And it did! In 1998, Lucy graduated from the University of San Francisco with her BSN Degree.

Lucy represents the fourth generation in her family to choose nursing as a career. Lucy, a staff nurse at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Martinez says it’s a good team to work with and finds nursing to be rewarding and flexible.

This flexibility allows her to work two-days a week at the Public Health Regional Center of the East Bay. In this role she does home visits for adults with disabilities.

“Nursing is so rewarding because of the relationships I develop with the patients,” she says.

Lucy says school was tough and it was hard to sit still. As one of five children, their household was always buzzing and therefore background noise was needed to facilitate her learning.

“Clinicals were challenging and med/surg was even more challenging,” she says, “but somehow I made it through with the help of my mentors.”

Lucy said she met this “great” nurse in her psychology rotation who was very peaceful. When anything chaotic came up she would listen to Lucy intently and offer suggestions and recommendations. “She always had answers and made everything make sense,” comments Lucy.

It is not surprising that Lucy became a nurse. She comes from a long line of nurses beginning with her Great Great aunt, her grandmother and her mother. “It’s good to have my Mom’s support,” Lucy says, “because I can ask her stuff and she totally relates.”