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"One Lump, Three Hairs, And A Pair Of Tweezers"

Sonia had always been good at math and science, but had never really thought about what path she would take after high school. That is until a somewhat funny, somewhat gross event helped her find her way to nursing.

Sonia’s boyfriend had a tender and painful lump on his leg. His mother was too "grossed out" to examine it with tweezers, but Sonia was not. Sonia took the tweezers and examined the mound more closely. She discovered that the lump had a simple cause: three ugly, but not dangerous, ingrown hairs. Using the tweezers (and rubbing alcohol), Sonia extracted the hairs. The pain went away almost immediately. And the boyfriend and his mother were so thankful to Sonia. Sonia later thought about the day’s event with a glow of pride. She had:

  • successfully analyzed a medical problem
  • determined what needed to be done
  • performed a simple task that ultimately made someone feel better

The gratitude the boyfriend and his mother expressed for her efforts was the best part. She liked this feeling and she wanted to keep on helping people.

Sonia has since graduated. She’s working part-time and attending her local community college with plans to transfer to a nursing program at a four-year school. She says she’ll probably work in pediatrics. She may even go on to become a Nurse Practitioner, later. "But for now, I’m going to check nursing out as an RN and see where it takes me."


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